Career choice is the reflection and extension of personal personality. Different personality types tend to focus on different occupational groups.
Through career planning courses, you can understand what career preparation needs to be done in different stages of career development.
Luo Wen provides professional, early and medium term and long-term planning consulting courses through professional assessment tools and career planners.
You can get the following information through training the career planning course:
1. let yourself clear the characteristics and advantages of personal characteristics;
2. find a career direction that you are interested in through communication analysis and psychological assessment.
3. establish personal and career goals around personal life vision, vision and value orientation.
4. accurately assess individual professional competency through all-round quality and comprehensive competency, and determine what can be done.
5. re recognize the value of their own workplace and find ways of self increment through career planners.

Please contact the extension 58350118-801 or mail for information about the course.

Preliminary career planning course Medium-term career planning course Long term career planning course

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