The star fire College's paid internship program is a talent training program that helps the junior and sophomores to improve their job search competitiveness and push into the internship opportunities of financial enterprises.

After the students pass the career potential assessment, we will provide a five day system training for professional skills and literacy , then provide high quality internship opportunities according to the students' professional interest, and 100% commitment to internship offer which is  help students  t o get ideal internship opportunities and improve the background of resume.

Paid internship program

1. Potential assessment

Star fire college will carry out one by one personality test and potential assessment based on students' situation, understand their interests after communicating with students fully, and help them to find the future career direction which is suitable for their long-term development;

2. New star training camp

The training time of the teachers is 3-5 days for students to professionalism and vocational skills. The instructors who will come from the leaders of various industries in the financial industry and engaged in the personnel director for many years, they will try best to help the students to find their weaknesses and advantages, to improve the inadaptability of the ivory tower to the society, and to prepare for the intern role of interviewing.

3. Internship recommendation

We will find  the new stars of tomorrow together with the securities firms, funds, trusts, banks, PE/VC, big four consulting, third party financial management companies, insurance management, so on. We will provide the opportunity for the students to participate in the project. When the students in project will be got the provide employment guidance & internship opportunities that will meet personal characteristics and development. If there is no internship opportunity, we promise to make full refund.

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